Introduction to a new blog & a new life!

After a lot of debate over the old blog I realized that continuing to write on it would just not be a true reflection of where we are in life now. No more just me. While I have nothing but fond memories of it being just me… PRAISE GOD we’re finally moving into this next stage of life. Truth be told I absolutely HATE living alone. I am not the type of person who likes lots of personal space or things to be just the way I like. I am a people. person. Heavy on the people and the persons. And when I get to marry my favorite people who is MY person in less than 2 weeks, you can imagine my excitement!!!

I realized that my other blog was way too much about me. It was jumbled. It was all over the place with a million different ideas. It was very much… like me! For several months now God has put a heavy burden on my heart to share the things He has taught Isaac and I so far over the course of our relationship. He has given me the desire to invest my time and money into something that He has made me extremely passionate about – relationships that glorify Him. That is such a hard feat and Isaac and I both know it. The devil hates it and the devil attacks it and that’s no joke. We have felt that and we have seen the need to stand up against it over and over. Christ centered relationships are HARD. Christ centered relationships take fellowship and gobs of encouragement and accountability. The devil knows they have the potential to be a dynamic thing. That’s why he tries so hard.

Therefore, thats why the purpose of this blog will not just be about me anymore or what God is teaching me. It will be about God’s desire and design for relationships and how God is molding and shaping Isaac and I in the process. I want to be more real, more open, more vulnerable and absolutely POUR scripture over the topics that are hard to talk about or get used to. I want y’all to walk with Isaac and I through our walk and talk with God in life and love and pursuit of His glory. No it’s not going to be that picture perfect, but I pray that it means something to someone because we are both just sitting back here overwhelmed with all God’s already done. Our God is so big. Our God is so good. Our God desires every bit of our hearts and lives to surrender to that so He can make them exponentially more beautiful. Here’s to encouraging hearts to love like Jesus does, pursue faithful purity and find wisdom in the struggles ❤️


PC – Inheritance Photography

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