Long Distance… it’s all good!

Neither of us were very keen on the idea of not being together for almost 3 months. Especially not 1,000 miles apart. Since we started dating, we’ve seen each other just about every day… and we very much preferred it that way. The days that we didn’t see each other usually were pretty terrible. (That sounds so awful to say!!) Looking back now, learning how to live here without Isaac was so important. I didn’t want to, but God knew that I was working on my identity being solely in Him as my creator, and He graciously helped me with that.

Being here alone, I’ve learned how to not just be thinking about Isaac, but consider him in everything I’m doing. The way I budget my time, the way I maintain my health, etc. because I know he’ll be here soon! And I know when he gets here he’ll pay attention to the habits I’ve made. I want to make him proud.

How beautiful is it that God desires the same for us in the way we should be considering Him? He’s coming SOON. He cares for us, our hearts, our well beings and our lives for Him SO MUCH. I want to live my life with that same desire – to make Him proud.

I love how God uses our earthly relationships to teach us so much more about the vast love he has for us. Thinking about it now after being in Oklahoma for a few months, I see my relationship with God so much differently. I see everyone’s relationships with God so much differently. In a way, we have a long distance relationship with Christ. We can’t see Him or hear His voice in the way that our earthy bodies desire to. Because we know His character to be so vivid and true however, we have access to experiencing it all throughout life in the various ways He chooses to touch our lives, hold our hands, and speak His words into us. Blessings.

Like all long distance relationships though, they look differently for everyone. Because God has given us all unique gifts and personalities, our relationships with Him look different. Isaac and I have to be disciplined in setting aside time in our day to have intentional conversations with each other while we’re apart just like we each have to be intentional in making time in our day to listen and learn from Christ. Otherwise, we both get REAL GRUMPY. That’s easy for some people though. Some have to be more disciplined in their prayer life than they do in their study. It’s ALL so important, but isn’t it cool how God doesn’t make all people and situations the same? It’s the learning and the seeking process that He loves. He loves watching us find Him and then realize that He has been there all along.

Praise God He’s so downright ACCESSIBLE! Otherwise I would have completely fallen apart these past few months.

I’m realizing now – the long distance thing was really no big deal at all. God didn’t give us each other to hoard and he didn’t give us each other as a crutch as if He was not enough to hold us up. Accountability, encouragement and reminding each other of GODS goodness and purpose for love is what our relationship is for. Helpmates. When I am with Isaac I feel like I can do anything and everything God calls me to. Without him beside me every second though, I am still just as much called and just as much valuable.

I’m over my pity party and feel prepared now. I am confident that Christ purposefully wanted to teach us this prior to marriage to strengthen our focus and be more aware of the true value our relationship has.

It doesn’t matter where either of us are. What God has given us in our relationship is bigger than distance solely because He is bigger and so much greater.

Next step – togetherness!!!

One thought on “Long Distance… it’s all good!

  1. Wisdom! Thank you for sharing! Ah! Be continually blessed and continually bless others with your experiences!


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