Passion in Perspective.

IMG_6864I’m passionate about Jesus. I’m passionate about my husband. I’m passionate about my loved ones. I’m passionate about horses. Then what?

Passionate is a word that I’ve used my whole life mainly to describe the drive and desire I have to build a life based off of the things God instilled in my heart to love. Like the word love, however, the word passionate has seemed to become more watered down over time… or is it just misunderstood? When we think of things we’re passionate about our minds tend to jump to big things or ideas in general. I say I’m passionate about horses, but I wouldn’t say I’m passionate about mucking stalls. I got to thinking (and God got to teaching me) maybe the drive that we need to LIVE with passion is found in the small things. Maybe passion is found in perspective. I find it easier to put it in to perspective when it’s regarding my relationship with Isaac, especially now being his wife. I’m so passionate about pursuing his heart, but I also understand that to live that dream includes being gracious in the arguments, being each others support in the hard times, and being patient when I don’t understand. Being passionate about serving him in those small ways will ultimately teach me how to love him with a much deeper passion. I think thats how God intended for us to learn passion – in the little things. Jesus didn’t just shoot the breeze with sinners, He was passionate about their hearts. He walked across water, walked with them through fire, moved their mountains, gave them sight, and healed their hurting hearts. Christ loves us with small things in overwhelming ways… literally personifying passion. What small things do you ignore that could be your chance to reveal to others where your passion lies?

Another area that brings up the question of passion almost constantly is the workplace. There weren’t IT departments or corporate ladders to climb in Jesus’ time. So, how do we know how to be passionate when the majority of jobs today don’t relate at all to peoples passions? In a way, it seems like its setting us up for failure. In another way though, it’s actually a crazy cool blessing. I’ve been blessed to have a variety of jobs (many of them at the same time) in my few years and I have worked with many passion-lacking people. It’s the worst. It makes for a lot of people doing a lot of the same thing and not caring a whole lot about it. I love the workforce and I love helping people find jobs they love. Ultimately though, it doesn’t matter. If you want to go work at a gas station you could be the best dang gas station cashier there ever was if you knew where your passion was rooted. Plain and simple… it needs to be Jesus.

Isaac and I both have had years in our lives where we were getting up way earlier than we wanted to and going to spend way too much of our life at a job that we didn’t particularly like. We have never done anything perfectly and we fail a lot, but we got out of bed and went because the job itself was never what was driving us. Any follower of christ gets out of bed for one reason – their purpose, calling, meaning, and deepest passion – to live a life of honor, praise, and full abandon to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thats the goal. A lot of my nonbeliever friends think that’s cheesy and ridiculous. Can somebody tell me though how you get out of bed not knowing what in the world you’re supposed to be doing in this life? How do you not know even more that your savior and creator is looking directly down at you when your feet hit the floor each morning, holding on to the purpose He PREDESTINED for you and waiting for you to look up. Do you see how passionate He is about you? If you are truly passionate about Christ He will make you passionate about His work. One of the happiest ladies I’ve ever met was the manager of a McDonalds and she praised Jesus all the way.

The more faith God requires you to have in Him working out situations that seem impossible, the more you grow. That means theres the possibility for SO MUCH GROWTH!!! Our God is a creative God. You might not see how you can be passionate about where you are or what you’re doing, but I dare you to pursue Christ in it and watch Him blow your mind with passion and purpose. If Christ calls you somewhere you don’t particularly want to go, the only goal you need to be worrying about is making your passion for Him greater in that situation. It’s not distraction, It’s heavenly focus.

Bottom line – stop thinking that your circumstances don’t allow for you to be passionate. The creator of the universe pursues your heart specifically every single stinking day regardless of your mood with all of the passion there is. Let Him teach you to be passionate the real way.


P.S. My insanely talented friend made these gorgeous bookmarks with my favorite verse on them. This verse reminds me that God WANTS to use us mightily and He WILL if we seek Him first. My Bible is a special treasure to me and I love filling it with special things that inspire me to live for Christ.

***If anyone is interested in ordering one for themselves or for a gift to lift someone else up just let me know or visit Desiree’s site at !

2 thoughts on “Passion in Perspective.

  1. It can definitely be a challenge to maintain your passion when others around you lack it. The need to focus more on Jesus!


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